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If you need temporarily computers, renting is the fastest and cheapest option. CS Technology is the perfect place to rent a computers. We always charge the lowest prices.

Our computers are suitable for all your business needs and Office applications. Whether you need large or small office. We can supply every computer with a TFT or, if you wish to LED, in any format you want. We can also supply you with the requisite network equipment and install your network. For example, do you want to have specific hardware configuration like Core i5 or i7 with 2GB or 4GB dedicated graphics and virtualization software, Then specify this at ‘Request For Quote’ under Special Requirements or call us and we’ll tell you about the possible options.



CS Technology

Our mission is to simplify and customize all your IT Rental needs. We "CS Technology", glad to introduce ourselves as client oriented and professionally managed company involved in IT Products Rental Services for the last 8 Years.

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