Data Recovery Services

CS Technology Specializes in Data Recovery Services from all types of Hard Disk of Windows and Apple devices. CS Technology has dedicated staff specifically for Windows & Apple. When your Windows & Apple product arrives at our facilities, it will go directly to our dedicated team of engineers who are truly familiar with the Windows & MAC operating system and recovery field. The FAT32, NTFS, HFS and HFS+ file systems are used in modern windows & apple Operating Systems. Data stored on MAC hard disk drives is referenced differently than that in Windows Operating Systems. Due to these differences, HFS and HFS+ Apple recovery methods and techniques are much different than that of Windows based systems.







We can recover data recovery from windows & Apple devices in different stages .

  • Drop Down Disk.
  • Non Detected Hard Disk.
  • Virus Attack Failure Disk.
  • Power surges Failure Disk.
  • Static electricity
  • Lightning strikes
  • Bugs in Operating system
  • Software failure
  • File system corruption
  • Internal File System Error
  • Directory Not Found.
  • Corrupted Files & Folder.
  • Corrupted Photos & Videos.
  • Corrupted PPT, Word, Excel and Data Base Files.




CS Technology

Our mission is to provide your data with our retrieval services. We "CS Technology", glad to introduce ourselves as Data Recovery Service Provider from 8 Years in IT Industry.

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